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Select based on the age of the child on your return date.
  • * The number of child passengers cannot exceed the number of adult passengers.
  • * We will treat children under 2 years old as laptop infants who don't need seats.
  • * Please select the age at the departure date of the final leg of the trip.

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Available for ALL bookings above USD350

Winners will receive the USD70 off coupon code via email.

  • * First 100 customers with a single booking above USD350 during campaign will be winners and receive "USD70 OFF" coupon code via email within a week of booking.
  • * Every email address is only eligible for winning once
  • * Please enter the coupon code during the process of your next booking, then purchase amount shown will be discounted by USD70 (validity until 31 Aug 2017).
  • Terms and Conditions of use of coupon >>

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    Departure:16 Aug 2017 | Return:18 Aug 2017


  • Taipei Shanghai | 1Adult Economy
    Departure:16 Aug 2017 | Return:18 Aug 2017



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